The Upper Kainuu Story Atlas

The Upper Kainuu Story Atlas is a general development project for rural continental Finland administered by the municipality of Hyrynsalmi from December 2009 to October 2013. The project is implemented in collaboration with the municipalities of Suomussalmi, Puolanka and Ristijärvi.

The aim is to create a fantasy world based on the natural environment, cultural landscape and magical folk traditions of Upper Kainuu. The Kainuu scenery will be visualized using old photographs, authentic stories, illustrations, comics and maps. The full project will be published in Finnish and English.

This is an adventure where invisible, quiet sceneries are made visible. Of particular value are places that combine the inhabitants’ emotional memories. The materials are collected in villages and forests through interviews and by delving into archives. The most important archives are the archives of local history and culture of the Kainuu municipalities, the Folklore Archives, the National Archive, the Institute for the Languages of Finland, the National Board of Antiquities and the Oulu regional archive.

The fantasy world is also a hiking guide that stems out of silence, natural peace, cultural heritage and a unique way of life. The book includes a live role-playing game that invites you to tour the 313 sites associated with the stories. This gives birth to an intellectual game.