Arkkikivi is a role-playing game publisher and importer founded in 2004. Brothers Eero, Jari and Markku Tuovinen originally founded the company to promote the visibility of new wave role-playing game design in Finland, but since then, the company had broadened its activities into the design and publishing of its own games. Today, Arkkikivi is primarily a studio brand for the brothers’ own game projects.

Since 2008, Arkkikivi has been publishing Eero Tuovinen’s own game designs in the spirit of the best indie traditions. All in all, Arkkikivi is a great example of ironic, post-modern hipster culture where men start companies based on their hobbies, run them alongside their possible day jobs and aren’t afraid of anything.

Eero Tuovinen wrote a live role playing game called "Researchers of the Julenius Archive" for the Upper Kainuu Story Atlas project. The game can be found here:

The network materials and forms for the game can be found at

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